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Photograph of a corridor that meets accessibility requirements.


Todo Accesible offers variety of services that guarantee to our clients that their projects will enjoy full inclusion for all within any space. Todo Accesible specializes eliminating all physical, digital and cultural barriers.


This Universal Accessibility assessment includes a detailed study, called Comprehensive Accessibility Plan (CAP), which strives to achieve that the space, is accessible and inclusive for all, contemplating technical specifications of design and construction. We base our recommendations in different national and international regulations, as well as recommendations from our specialists.

Our service applies to any type of project, whether its existing, under design or in any of its construction phases. It is integral and our commitment is from the beginning to its conclusion.

Icons representing furniture classified in retail, corporate interiors, industrial building, pharma and core & shell.


Image of electronic devices, in shades of gray, a calendar on the laptop and a woman reading documents on the Tablet

We make all the content available and functional so it can be operated by anyone, including those who use assistive technologies.

We develop everything necessary for the incorporation of accessible technologies, as it removes obstacles to interact, transmit, receive or understand all information.

Digital Accessibility improves the quality of life to all and ensures inclusion and comprehensive development for everyone.


With our team of specialists, we offer training and accompaniment for your inclusive recruitment processes, integration and withdrawal of personnel.

Because we focus on the ability of the personnel when recruiting and selecting new staff, in order to be inclusive, impacting on the quality and diversity of their talent.

We work together with human resources’ team to identify open areas for a more inclusive process and attract diverse talent.

Disabled and non-disabled workers being trained to work at the company.


Work team redesigning processes

With our specialists´ team, we offer the advice and support for your recruitment, integration and withdrawal of personnel processes be inclusive. Because we know that the ability to recruit and select talent in an inclusive way has a direct impact on the quality and diversity of your talent.


Group of people carrying out an awareness-raising activity to assist wheelchair users.

Awareness Workshop

The objective is to sensitize the company's personnel so they can collaborate with people with disabilities, breaking the cultural barriers that exist.

Group of people carrying out an awareness-raising activity to assist the visually impaired.

Citizen Protection Workshop

The aim is to provide resources to the personnel responsible for this area, in order to identify in the event of an emergency, the correct support to provide for an employee/visitor with a disability, both at the time of the emergency, their sheltering and subsequent evacuation.

Todo Accesible collaborators giving an awareness-raising workshop

Inclusion / Onboarding Workshop

The workshop is intended to create awareness of how to carry out an inclusive onboarding, seeking to generate a space of trust to value and connect with the potential of people.

People with and without disabilities working in an office, using various mobile devices

Inclusive Recruitment workshop:

The workshop aims to help you redesign your recruitment process so that it is inclusive, integrates a diverse, equitable and inclusive way to identify and include diverse talent.

Computer on a desk with books and office supplies, inside the screen there are icons representing a website and inside the screen there is an accessibility symbol similar to the WHO symbol.

Digital accessibility workshop

It is a workshop focused for programmers, project leaders, systems professionals, etc. so that they can create accessible digital content. This workshop has a duration of 4 hours, can be divided into 2 days, being 2 hours per day and its modality is "Online" not face-to-face.

The hands of two people are shown holding mobile devices: a computer and a Tablet, which are displayed on screens with digital documents, on the table are also located analysis documents and bar graphs

Accesible documents workshop

It is a workshop to sensitize company personnel aimed at designers, administrative, social communication, digital marketing personnel, document editors, etc. so that they can create accessible documents, reviewing different topics ranging from the correct terminology, legislation, digital accessibility, among others. This workshop has a duration of 4 hours, can be divided into 2 days, being 2 hours per day and its modality is "Online" not face-to-face.

3 people with disabilities hugging each other, all smiling in front of the camera

Inclusive Narrative Workshop

We offer an inclusive narrative workshop with the main objective of contributing to the communication and narrative inside and outside the company to be inclusive and eliminate the use of stereotypes that label the relationship of inequality in society. Its purpose is to raise awareness and provide tools to the organization to achieve a true inclusive communication strategy and a cultural change.